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MYYM.com is a leading domain name platform for buying premium domain names. We have professional services and technology to ensure the security of your domain name transactions. Our Brokers have more than 5 years of investment and negotiation experience to provide you with professional one-on-one domain name evaluation, negotiation, brokerage, acquisition and other services.

How do I choose the perfect

domain name for my business?

1. Short names such as QQ.com, 58.com or baidu.com are rare are memorable, bold and brandable - an ideal fit for businesses and startups.

2. Abbreviations: If the company name is long, you can choose to use the initials as the domain name. For example, FiCN.com = Finance China

3. Choose a .com: Millions of businesses around the world use .com for their business due to the credibility and recognition that comes with a .com domain name.

4. Domain name protection: to protect your brand name, besides owning the .com, you can also choose to register your brand name in the .co, .net and .org extensions, depending on availability.

5. Domain name age: an aged domain name provides additional credibility for your brand name and can provide additional benefits for search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

6. No hyphens and numbers: it is best not to use hyphens and numbers in domain names as they are harder to remember and can cause confusion with your customers.

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MYYM.com is a professional domain name investor. MYYM was established in 2015 to provide services such as domain name acquisition, domain name brokerage, negotiation and other related services. By using our services, you are partnering with domain name experts.

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